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About the author

Bhanu is a people-loving, high performance team nurturer, who started his career in the IT industry in 2006 as C/C++ Developer and has been a Scrum Master since 2013. He is a great admirer of Agile values and is a committed servant Leader. His team members often hear him stating, “Our problems can be solved by re-visiting the Agile Manifesto, principles and values". Teams trust his expertize and thoroughly enjoy his facilitation vis-à-vis scrum coaching. 

“Intention driven communication” and “Value driven delivery” are his prime mantras as an effective Scrum Master.

Bhanu is a graduate in Electronics and Communications Engineering, a Certified Scrum Master via the Scrum Alliance, and certified in Management of Software Development from IIM, Calcutta.

An avid reader of philosophy, mythology, and technology, Bhanu also loves to watch movies and spend time with family, and friends. Bhanu is a dedicated Scrum Master who focuses his skills on continuous learning and innovation in order to empower engaged and productive teams.