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My LSA Certification Journey: Part One

I’ve had my eye on Pega’s LSA (Lead System Architect) Certification for a long time now. As a Senior Technical Instructor for Pegasystems, it seemed the natural and logical path to take. LSA Certification is Pega’s flagship certification and the pinnacle of a three-step certification roadmap for System Architects. So when a career growth opportunity presented itself at Pega that required LSA Certification, I threw myself into the CLSA Immersion Program without hesitation. Making the Commitment

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DevOps: Common Terms and Getting Started

My last blog post described why DevOps is such a hot topic right now and why all companies, technology-focused or otherwise, need to adopt DevOps practices in order to remain competitive. Given that context, I’d like to dive a bit deeper into the DevOps topic and get us aligned on some basic terminology. I’ll also give you some recommendations for getting started. Navigating through buzzwords and silver bullets

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Hands-On Training & Certification at PegaWorld 2017

Have you always wanted to learn more about Robotic Automation? Join us this June in Las Vegas for your chance to get involved! One of the seven hands-on training sessions at PegaWorld 2017 dives into Robotic Automation and Pega Workforce Intelligence. This is a brand new class offering with hands-on exercises and lecture, where you can learn how to use applications to make data-informed decisions and optimize high-volume tasks.

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Keeping Performance and Security In Mind as a System Admin

What comes to mind when you think of an application’s security or performance? Efficiency, perhaps. Reliability, definitely. The Pega 7 Platform provides any organization the ability to build case management applications quickly, easily, and securely. You may be a system administrator. Really, you could be anyone at your organization and still be affected by these two key factors because they are so important. Here, Pega Academy Senior Instructor Teng Hao leads us into the ease and effectiveness of maximizing platform performance and security in Pega 7.

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What is Pega DCO?

Direct Capture of Objectives, or DCO, is often referred to as Pega’s secret sauce for project success. It’s vital to creating software that continuously adapts to the strategic objectives of our customers.

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Exploring the Pega Mobile Playground

The World Wide Web: I remember the moment it clicked for me.

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